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A FREE training to align your mind and your life with God’s design.

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Here’s the problem

You have buried beliefs holding you hostage

God didn’t design you to struggle with an unhealthy lifestyle, dysfunctional relationships, financial lack, or unfulfilling work.

So why do you feel stuck in one of those or other areas? Here’s what you need to know:


The core beliefs that keep you struggling or stuck are difficult to detect and identify.


Your buried beliefs may not be your fault (you likely inherited them), but they are your responsibility.


You receive what you believe, not what you desire. You must learn to believe God’s promises instead of your past.


As you learn to align your buried beliefs with God’s truth, you’ll be set free from lifelong struggles.

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“I know how frustrating it is to follow Jesus yet continue to struggle.”

Whether we believe in our past or God’s promises to predict our future, we receive what we believe.

My name is Jerry Banman. That’s me behind the coffee cup. I’m a husband to Elizabeth and a dad to Jonah.

It took me 47 years to figure out why I continued to struggle in many areas of my life, even though the same power that raised Jesus from the dead was fully available to me (Romans 8:11).

I know how frustrating it is to love Jesus yet struggle with feelings of lack, limitation, and insignificance, along with the accompanying addictive behaviors. Thankfully, I also know what it’s like to be set free from those struggles!

I want you to enjoy breakthrough too. That’s why I’m motivated to inspire, encourage, and equip you to believe for and experience your breakthrough.

You don’t have to keep struggling in the same areas of your life. That is NOT life by God’s design. There’s far too much at stake, including future generations, to stay stuck.

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It’s time for your breakthrough

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What people have said

Jerry is a man of integrity. He is like a father who carries so much wisdom. His excellence in teaching and preparation is outstanding. He is encouraging, kind, and tactful. He is a safe place.

Susy N

Jerry is a man who is built for family. He is equipped to train people how to do healthy family, spiritually and physically. He has such a father’s heart.

Brendon B


Jerry has an ability to articulate or translate Kingdom culture so people from different backgrounds can understand it. He communicates Kingdom concepts and values in such a way that people ‘get it’.

Seth G

Don’t wait years or decades to stop permitting your past to predict your future. God has so much more in store for you and future generations. Begin your transformation today.

Get the FREE Identity Intervention training

Here's what will happen

The Identity Intervention training will help you re-align your beliefs with God’s promises and finally experience the breakthroughs you’ve been longing and contending for.


You’ll learn why you’re still struggling and how to finally enjoy the fulfillment of God’s promises in every area of your life


The buried beliefs that are keeping you stuck will be revealed and you’ll learn to replace them with God’s empowering truth


The 5-step ‘Soul Train’ transformation process will empower you to align your beliefs, actions, and outcomes with God’s design


You’ll get early access to free weekly supporting content and all future Identity Intervention offers

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Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions About Identity Intervention

What does the free training include?

The Identity Intervention training includes four 30-minute training videos and a downloadable implementation guide.

How quickly can I expect to experience change?

Behavior follows belief, so noticeable transformation will begin as soon as you alter your beliefs. It can happen in a single encounter or require a longer process (see Romans 12:2).

Why is it called Identity Intervention?

A typical intervention is a caring confrontation (often by loved ones) of someone struggling with an addiction or other destructive behavior.

In this training, an Identity Intervention is an invitation and process that allows God to intervene in our lives in all areas not yet aligned with his loving design.

When we believe the truth of who God is and who we are, our behavior and outcomes begin to reflect his promises rather than our past.

Why is the training completely free?

The short answer? God told me to “Give it away.”

I’ll share the whole story in a video soon, but it involved a surprising song I recalled in the shower.

Can I share this with my friends or family?

Yes! I would be so grateful if you’d help me achieve my vision to ‘Inspire, encourage, and equip 100,000 families to come alive and thrive.’

It’s time for every Jesus follower to break free from the buried beliefs holding them hostage and preventing them from experiencing the fulness of God’s promises.

Please feel free to share Identity Intervention via social media or email.

Do you have additional resources?

I will be launching a YouTube channel soon and posting a weekly teaching video. Meanwhile, please scroll down and let’s connect on Facebook or Instagram. Be sure to message me there and introduce yourself!

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